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Memento mori.

A personal blog sharing feelings, thoughts, and maybe something more. Step into the Wonderland of distorted mind and questions of being.
Trigger Warning: Some posts on this blog might be triggering.
I do not promote any negative behaviours.
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"Always help someone, because you might be the only one who does."
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I still don’t know…


I guess I’m feeling rather fine. These days have been rather warm and it was really nice. It’s not too hot but not cold either and it makes going to uni and doing things in town a lot nicer.

I still feel tired most of the time. It’s a bit strange, I can’t really put a finger on how exactly I feel. I sleep at days. It’s not always intentional and I end up sleeping for three hours instead of what should have been a half an hour long rest of simply lying down.

I don’t have too much homework for tomorrow so it was okay; we were to write a test tomorrow but fortunately it was postponed to next Tuesday.

I guess my mind is too occupied most of the time so I don’t really stop and think how I’m feeling.It’s getting better. I hope it is.

Busy busy busy.


Anonymous: You are so amazing. Please take gentle care of every heart inside of you. Everyone inside if you is awesome. Even the difficult people are amazing. Please love every heart.

That’s very sweet of you, dear anon. Thank you. I’m not quite sure what you mean exactly but it still means a lot.

Thank you, take care.


I hurt myself todayto see if I still feelI focus on the painthe only thing that’s real

Johnny Cash – Hurt