Mirrored Wonderland
Memento mori.

A personal blog sharing feelings, thoughts, and maybe something more. Step into the Wonderland of distorted mind and questions of being.
Trigger Warning: Some posts on this blog might be triggering.
I do not promote any negative behaviours.
If you ever need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to drop me a message.
"Always help someone, because you might be the only one who does."
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Anonymous: Beautiful little bird ♥

Awww thank you


☂ Dark network ☂
Anonymous: Hey. Thank you so much for being here. We are so grateful for you. You are incredible and so strong. Please never forget that. Thank you for everything you do. Please take care of yourself.

Oh goodness.. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will try.

This means a lot to me. Thank you.


The end

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Any last words?
It’s been a busy few days..

But yesterday night I realised that I’ve not felt/been depressed for a few days, too.

I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been busy, or because I had some drinks over the weekend, or maybe because I resumed contact with someone, but it feels good and I hope it lasts.

I know it’s still there, in the back of my mind, waiting for the right moment to strike. It’s obviously not over, but I’m glad that sometimes I get some sunshine through the dark clouds - finally.